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Phil and Angela

Phil and I at Whitespot with friends

Welcome to your average next door type of people site. I will probably build this slowly, I have to relearn html all over again and it would seem there has been some major changes. So bear with me as I begin to rebuild...

For those of you who know/remember my past site ADVICE ANGEL I have decided to move on to something new, changing to LadyIllusion's World. I do plan to bring back my forum for questions to the advice angel on this site as well. I also kept all the awards and will still give them out as Advice Angel, feel free to apply I enjoy getting to see sites I might not have seen.

It was the summer of 2003 and little did I know my life was going to take a new road. My daughter has a friend and her friend's mom and I are also friends. Well Phil was also friends with her. He would take the girls out for friday nights. Movies, dinner, bowling whatever the kids wanted to do. For awhile I would stay in my room when he came over because I was seeing someone else and had been for almost 6yrs. Phil flirted alot (although he completely denies this) with me and with the way my guy was at the time. Calling when he felt like it, hardly seeing him ect. It became hard to continually avoid Phil. I started to get close to him and after a couple months I was his.
On November 19th/2004 in Moxies he proposed to me. We are now engaged, date to still be decided
my engagement ring
We have our problems but somehow we always come through it. He has gotten hugely better with my kids. Mary even bought him a #1 DAD pendant for christmas. That gift meant more for him than anything else he got.
One of our hardest things to deal with is the fact he and I cannot have a child. I had 3 high risk pregnancies and in December of 2004 I had a hysterectomy. Still have my ovaries though. He really wanted a child. But he loves my girls very much and they love him to. Even call him dad on occasion.
Anyhow I hope to share a little of myself on this here website, we'll see how it goes

proudly canadian

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